Schengen Days V1.1 Release Notes

After the initial release of Schengen Days in May 2022, we received some great user feedback on new features and improvements to the first version of the app – so, thank you to everyone who got in touch and we’re very happy to share these updates. We’ll continue to build and improve so please keep the feedback coming!


Days Left: This has now been updated to show how many days you could stay in the Schengen Area. This takes into account the rolling timeframe window looking backward and now forward giving you a better representation to help with trip planning. This is now in line with the EU Commission calculator.
Detailed View: Click on a trip and you will see a few new numbers relating to your days spent in the Schengen Area. These figures relate to this specific trip and include Days Left which was previously shown on the app home screen.
Countries: You can now add which country you are traveling to. This is a step toward allowing non-Schengen country selection which will be available in the next release. Oh and we’ve added flags too – we love flags! New Sidebar: You’ll see a new burger menu icon on the top left of the app. We’ve added some useful information about the Schengen Area, the app calculator to explain the terminology, and some useful links.
No More Ads: We’ve removed the ad banner. Ads can be a distraction and sometimes not relevant. This does mean that we do not need to collect personal data, but also that, to keep Schengen Days running we will need to move to a paid app in the next release. We hope you understand our decision and we’re grateful for your support. As ever, if you have any feature or improvement ideas, please get in touch.

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