Schengen Days App Launch 🎉

A brand new 90/180 day short-stay travel calculator for the Schengen Area is now available in the AppStore. 

The Schengen Days app has arrived! 🥳

Having been in development over the last couple of months, we are delighted to announce that the Schengen Days is ready for download and use from the AppStore.

You can download it for free here: 

Download Schengen Days on the App Store

The brand new free to use mobile application incudes a number of useful features: 

  • Add your past and future Schengen Area trips
  • Keep track of how many days you have stayed in the Schengen 
  • See how many Days Left you have 
  • Change the Date of Entry for future planning 
  • See a detailed view of each trip 
  • Add a note/reminder to each individual trip 
  • Change/edit travel dates 
  • Delete trips 
  • Overstay warnings! Let the app tell you if you go over the 90/180 day limit 

This is version 1.0 of the Schengen Days short-stay visa calculator and we have many more new features and upgrades in the pipeline however, if you can think of a way for us to improve the app we’d love to hear from you – please do get in touch.

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